Discover Nature at Sundown

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Description: An hour or so before sunset, seed-eating birds grab a final snack before sleep, rabbits forage for the day's last meal, and the whistlelike call of the tree frog emanates from the pond. After the sun has disappeared entirely, bats whiz about in erratic paths, nighthawks leave their daytime roosts, and opossums make their appearance. Discover Nature at Sundown will introduce you to this beguiling world through directed observations and hands-on exploratory activities that lead you to your own exciting discoveries. These simple, nonintrusive activities require only a basic kit of household items--pencil, notebook, magnifying glass, ruler, bug box--and a bit of natural curiosity.

Size: 230 pages

Manufacturer: Stackpole Books

Product Type: Loaned Item (must be returned within 6 weeks of rental date)

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